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 Tape Type Tire Lettering Sticker 

GRIBEN Car Tire Sticker Lettering for Car, Motorcycle

12 letters x 4 Set


Designed by GRIBEN


※ It cannot be used with some slick tires.

※ Instant adhesive is not included when selecting Economy Shipping (POST) shipping.

    Instant adhesive is included when selecting FedEx Priority shipping.


※ See When Ordering
Uppercase Example : DETAILKOREA

 DET (White) AIL (Red) KOREA (Yellow)


Lowercase Example :

 Det (Reflective white) AIL (Blue) KOREA (Yellow)


※ Please Make Sure to Measure Your Tire Sidewall to

    Make Sure You Buy the Right Size

(If you tell us your overall tire size, we will recommend a lettering size.)


※ If the lettering surface is contaminated,

   clean the surface with a cloth moistened with Acetone


Type: Permanent

▶ Attachment Method : Double-sided Tape Method
Thickness : About 1 mm
Brand Name GRIBEN

▶ Adhesive Included.
▶ Quantity : 12 Lettering x 4 SET Stickers

     (Quantity to attach to 4 tires)

※ If you want to attach the sticker to the top and bottom of the tire, please order 2 in quantity.


▶ Color (Grossy) : White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue

(It is also possible to change the color of each letter.)


▶ Reflected Color (Matte) : White, Red, Yellow, Blue

(It is also possible to change the color of each letter.)

Manufacture: DETAILKOREA (made in korea)




How to attach :


Tire lettering sticker catalog :


※ Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price shipping charges.
   You need to pay the tax directly to your country after receiving the product. (DAP)

Car, Motorcycle (CUSTOM TEXT) Tire Lettering Sticker (12 letters x 4SETS)

$40.00 通常価格
  • ※ After-sales Service

    As the durability of this product varies depending on the attachment method, weather, operating conditions, and attachment know-how, after-sales service is not available after attachment. Please check before ordering and purchase carefully.

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